Just two badass lady-bros with weird hair. Ready to take on the world!

(PS sorry i was a meanie today, bridgioto!) 

Life drawing sketches from this week!

Painted a little study in gouache, scanned and cleaned it up a bit. 

Looking back on my student film, the backgrounds always felt unfinished and messy to me. Tonight i decided to work with one of them and see what i could do to get it to polish it a bit! I may tweak it a bit more, i only spent a couple extra hours on it— but it was interesting to see how different i approach things, and how much more focussed i am with this stuff.

New one on the bottom, old one on top! (hopefully that’s obvious!)

Just a little thank you doodle for 500 followers! My friend vincentsui happened to be the 500th :) Thanks so much for everyone’s continuing support!

Melodramatic comic! I think everyone has phases of feeling lethargic. I want to get my mornings back— just gotta do it!

Amelia looking pretty adventure timey.

Kind of in an art block.. gotta get rolling again. 

I started watching Sailor Moon Crystal today… and i just kind of missed the old, goofy, train wreck Usagi. So i drew this!