1. Some paintblob houses and a couple trees.

  2. Spent the evening drawing sinks. Elaborated on this one but i didn’t finish the painting whoops.

  3. Found out today that bridgioto's got a drawing injury :( I keep telling her to rest, we'll see if she can!

    Speedy recovery!

  4. Sunday cleaning! Some sketches I don’t think I posted

  5. Inspired by the Sailor Moon show coming up at Q-pop! ┬áSo i drew a bit of fanart : >

  6. Some prep work for my animystics piece! #lightgreyartlab #animystics #process

  7. selfie based on my profile picture on facebook!

  8. #lifedrawing model had a super good face today.

  9. Went for a walk, drew some houses, came back, colored this one!

  10. More kids in red coats, hanging with ghosts.

  11. My favorite sketch from my hike today. The quote was from a conversation i overheard two hikers having. Her mother always stressed to her as a kid, “Always be aware of your surroundings.” Coincidentally, that was one of my dad’s favorite mantras when i was a kid, too.

  12. Life drawing sketch from yesterday! #life drawing #nude #sketch

  13. more ghosties

  14. FANART FRIDAY. I’ve been mad obsessed with Gravity Falls lately, and i’m super pumped to know some of the kids working on it. Low quality process gif!

  15. So i don’t understand how lighting works around fires, so i’m gonna do a few studies to figure it out!!!11!1!1l;jawsg