Just a little thank you doodle for 500 followers! My friend vincentsui happened to be the 500th :) Thanks so much for everyone’s continuing support!

Melodramatic comic! I think everyone has phases of feeling lethargic. I want to get my mornings back— just gotta do it!

Amelia looking pretty adventure timey.

Kind of in an art block.. gotta get rolling again. 

I started watching Sailor Moon Crystal today… and i just kind of missed the old, goofy, train wreck Usagi. So i drew this! 

Been a while, sorry guys! I struggled coloring this and gave up found a different solution.

Another environment! could use some tweaking, but i’m pressing ahead.

Stuff i’m working on! Forcing myself to focus on color and perspective. More to come!

Drew some ladies wearing scarves! Sisters, maybe.

been working on a ton of stuff, but need to get it organized! here’s a doodle in the meantime!

At Joshua Tree drawing rocks!