1. Trying a textured brush! Experiment

  2. Happy Earth Day everyone!

  3. I’m super excited to present my piece for the Light Grey Art Lab exhibition, Animystics! Opening next week in Minneapolis :) You can see some of my process here! 

    I chose a coyote after seeing one in LA on a morning jog. The coyote is a symbol of tricksters and laughter, reminding us to let things go and laugh in the face of hardship. Life is a cosmic joke. I titled this, Smile E. Coyote!

    If you’re interested in buying a print, you can check it out at the Light Grey Art Lab store here, along with all the other talented artists in the show, here, and the LGAL Animystics facebook event, here.

    Thanks, everyone!

  4. posting a lot today… drew some TVs!

  5. haven’t drawn my ghosties in a while… kind of samesy but it was fun haha

  6. Some paintblob houses and a couple trees.

  7. Spent the evening drawing sinks. Elaborated on this one but i didn’t finish the painting whoops.

  8. Found out today that bridgioto's got a drawing injury :( I keep telling her to rest, we'll see if she can!

    Speedy recovery!

  9. Sunday cleaning! Some sketches I don’t think I posted

  10. Inspired by the Sailor Moon show coming up at Q-pop!  So i drew a bit of fanart : >

  11. Some prep work for my animystics piece! #lightgreyartlab #animystics #process

  12. selfie based on my profile picture on facebook!

  13. #lifedrawing model had a super good face today.

  14. Went for a walk, drew some houses, came back, colored this one!

  15. More kids in red coats, hanging with ghosts.